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Because of the knowledge and experience built up over the past 150 years, we can minimise the design-to-realisation cycle of your specific end product. What’s more, we can guarantee fast and reliable delivery.
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"more than 150 years’ experience in fan design and manufacturing"

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Welcome to Rotodyne Asselbergs’ website. Rotodyne Asselbergs can rightfully say it is the specialist when it comes to industrial fans, because not only do we make standard fans, but we also design and manufacture high quality custom fans. We manufacture axial fans as well as centrifugal fans for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, each exactly matching your specifications!

This is why Rotodyne Asselbergs supplies fans to industrial branches such as the marine and offshore sector, the food processing industry, process technology, industrial ovens manufacturing and the timber industry. Our expertise makes us a valuable design partner for engineering consultants operating in these and other sectors. Whatever application you require, we can design, test and manufacture a customised solution that is efficient and therefore cost saving.  

Rotodyne fans are used all over the world in numerous applications and are renowned for their low energy consumption, high reliability in operation, long life expectancy, low maintenance, low noise level, low resonance and low vibration behaviour.
We can design, test and manufacture an efficient and cost saving customised solution for your application too. We can supply anything from two to two thousand units or more. Are you looking for a standard fan only? Rotodyne Asselbergs is the right place for you.
Rotodyne Asselbergs
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