Rotodyne Asselbergs

Rotodyne Asselbergs is a designer and manufacturer of custom fans for specific applications in a wide range of industrial sectors. 

Our range includes centrifugal fans, axial fans, tunnel fans, flue gas fans and roof fans.

Because of the knowledge and experience built up over the past 150 years, we can minimise the design-to-realisation cycle of your specific end product. What’s more, we can guarantee fast and reliable delivery. Not only do we have all the necessary theoretical know-how, but even more important, we have the experience of putting it into practice. This means that we can advise, assist and provide solutions in extremely complex or difficult situations. We can give you tailor-made advice on the ins and outs of installing a fan. It is this combination of specialist know-how and actual experience that makes Rotodyne Asselbergs so unique. It means that we can take theoretical solutions and turn them into solid and reliable products.

Company philosophy
As both a designer and manufacturer of custom fans, Rotodyne Asselbergs strives to be a leading manufacturer. We hope that our comprehensive knowledge plus our flexible solutions and high quality products will make customers choose Rotodyne Asselbergs as their preferred supplier.
This is why Rotodyne Asselbergs likes to be seen as a reliable business partner. We aim at fostering a long-standing relationship with our customers, where key values like in-depth knowledge, vast experience and appropriate thinking are at the forefront.
Furthermore, when we make an agreement we stick to it and the service we provide remains effective after delivery. Rotodyne Asselbergs has the capacity to handle large orders because we have the know-how to guarantee a top quality end product. At the same time, Rotodyne Asselbergs is small enough to safeguard customer friendliness and to operate in a flexible way. Rotodyne Asselbergs prides itself on its strong team of highly motivated experts and staff.
Rotodyne Asselbergs does not strive to be the biggest, but it does strive to be the best in its specialist field.

Our advantages
> design and production 
> fast realisation from specifications to realisation
> design and production according ISO 13348
> fans according directive 2009/125/EC (eco design)
Rotodyne Asselbergs
Keizersveld 14
5803 AN Venray

Tel : 0031 478 55 99 55
Fax: 0031 478 55 99 00

Chamber of Commerce Venlo 12 035748
Rotodyne Asselbergs is ISO 9001:2015 certified