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Rotodyne Asselbergs specialises in designing and manufacturing tailor-made fans for a broad range of industrial applications, either axial or centrifugal.

We are Rotodyne Asselbergs

The expert in the field of industrial fans, with extensive knowledge and experience. At Rotodyne Asselbergs, we listen to the specific demands for your application and provide solutions that exactly comply. These fans are used worldwide and have an excellent reputation.

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Our sustainability method is quality

Rotodyne Asselbergs supplies fans to various industries. We have a great variety of fan types that will always allow us to service the customer. Whether it concerns the ATEX, heat-resistant, offshore, hygienic or heavy duty fans, we can produce them.

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The Rotodyne way of working

Our expertise allows us to meet your requirements and to supply a fan that performs optimally. We guarantee long-term reliability by use of advanced production technologies and premium quality materials. These in-house facilities allow us more control over the production process, enabling us to use high standards and to produce fans within a short period of time.

About us

What our collaboration has to offer you

With over 70 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, we aim to minimise the processing time from design to end product.


In-house design and production

The combination of specialist knowledge and empirical experience makes Rotodyne Asselbergs unique.


Swiftly from specification to realisation

This expertise and extensive experience allow us to offer you exceptional, innovative solutions and an impeccable service.


Own in-house testing facilities

Before a fan leaves our company, each part is subjected to a quality inspection.

What is your challenge for us?

Whether it concerns a special, customer-specific fan or just a standardised model, through our experience and expertise we will find the optimal solution.

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Working at Rotodyne

We are convinced that using our knowledge and craftsmanship we will be able to guarantee the best and most sustainable solution for any issue. No challenge is too big or too small for us.