Bifurcated axial fan

Axial fan for the extraction of steam in the food industry.

Customer inquiry

Our customer asked us to design a fan that is suitable for the disposal of great air volumes and high temperatures, specifically for the extraction of steam in the food industry. The fan was required to meet strict hygiene regulations and be suitable for use in food processing environments.

Our approach

One of the main aspects of the design was to ensure that the motor was situated outside the air flow and that the entire fan should consist of stainless steel, which is imperative for food production.

The result

The ultimate solution was an axial fan with a motor that was positioned entirely outside the air flow. This will minimise the risk of pollution of the motor by the medium and/or its temperature. On top of that, we ensured that the fan welds were also finished seamlessly, to eliminate any cracks and spaces that bacteria could accumulate in.

The fan ensures an effective air flow and adds to a safe and hygienic work environment, where the strictest standards in terms of food safety, are complied with.

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