Easy clean-door fan

Door fan for hygienic cleaning in the vegetable-processing industry.

Customer inquiry

Our customer contacted us with the request to design a fan that can be cleaned without having to detach it from the process installation. The fan would be used in the vegetable-processing industry, where hygienic design is of the utmost importance.

Our approach

In order to fulfil this demand, we based the design and production process on the request brought forward. We determined that the fan had to be designed such that it could be opened for cleaning, without the need to detach the fan from the process installation.

The result

The ultimate solution was a door fan, entirely made of stainless steel and seamlessly weld-finished. This resulted in a hygienic design that is resistant to corrosion and can be cleaned easily. Using the door fan, the innermost part of the fan can be opened, making all the internal parts reachable for cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

By use of this tailor-made fan, we offer our customer a practical and hygienic solution for the cleaning and maintenance of the fan in the vegetable-processing industry. The design makes efficient cleaning possible, without the need for disassembly, while the high-class stainless steel construction guarantees durability and food safety.

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