Programmable fan

Programmable fan in stainless steel and an integrated regulator.

Customer inquiry

Our customer approached us with the request to design a fan that is able to run various programmes, by means of frequency-control. In addition, it was essential that the fan would be made entirely of stainless steel and be ready to use directly after installation, without further adjustments. Apart from that, we were to ensure that the fans remain 100% identical to the original design.

Our approach

Our design process started by creating a fan that is not only equipped with an integrated motor/frequency regulator-solution, but in which we also emphasize the embedment of this advanced regulator. What really distinguishes our fan is that we meticulously pre-program this regulator in our factory. Not only does this enable the fan to flawlessly run different programmes, but it also directly becomes operational at the specific location where the customer wishes to install the fan.

The result

With more than 20 years of commitment to careful management of parts lists and production logs, we guarantee that each fan produced is an exact copy of the original design, including the integrated frequency regulator with pre-set parameters. This approach not only implies innovation, but also stresses the user convenience for our customers. This way, they can rely on a fan that meets the specific requirements and expectations and many times even exceeds them.

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