Robust high-pressure fans

Robust high-pressure fans for inert gas system on LNG tankers.

Customer inquiry

Our customer was looking for a reliable fan, to be used in the inert gas system on LNG-tankers. It was of crucial importance that the fan complied with the standards and requirements of ship inspection bodies, while at the same time it had to be suitable for the most polluting of mediums, such as flue gas.

Our approach

In close cooperation with the customer, we determined both the material and the design of the fan, taking specific account of the requirements in terms of the ship inspection bodies. We also looked into a solution for the handling the most aggressive medium.

The result

The final solution comprises robust high pressure fans, with a pressure capacity up to 27 kPa. These fans are designed specifically and are suitable for both offshore installations and on-board use on LNG-tankers. They meet the required standards and offer a reliable performance in challenging environments.

In terms of the challenge concerning the most aggressive medium, we applied a specific, extremely chemical resistant coating to the inside. This coating protects the internal components of the fan against corrosion and damage caused by aggressive substances. This will ensure the operational reliability of the fan, while it will keep performing optimally, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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