Fans for composting and mushroom cultivation

Fans for humid and aggressive environments in composting and mushroom cultivation.

Customer inquiry

Our customer needed fans suitable for use in humid and aggressive environments, such as in composting and mushroom cultivation. In this instance, it was important that the fans could be supplied against acceptable costs.

Our approach

We took into account the specific requirements of humid and aggressive environments and sought cost-effective solutions. Not only did we look at the direct costs, but also specifically into the Total Cost or Ownership (TCO).

The result

The solution was the use of galvanised casings for the fans. This galvanised layer offers excellent protection against corrosion and rust formation. Additionally, stainless steel blades were used in the fans. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and has a long lifespan, even in aggressive environments.

In order to ensure that the fans are well protected against the penetration of humid and aggressive materials, we also applied special shaft sealing. These sealings prevent humid or aggressive materials from finding their way out and thus protect the motor and other components. As a result, the fans will efficiently remain operational, minimising the need for maintenance.

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